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When the passion and the love for one's country meet professionalism, competence and experience.

What makes Mondo Guide one of the best Destination Management Companies to provide touristic services in Italy is a combination of two main elements. These are, the professionalism of a long standing and well established company and the attention of a family run business, for which Mondo Guide is able to deliver high quality services specifically designed to satisfy the different needs of each client.

With over 40 years of experience, Mondo Guide is a Destination Management Company specialised in travel organisation, both in Italy and in Europe. This includes accommodation , meet & greet, guided tours, shore excursions, transfers and event organisation.

Our History

Mondo Guide's history is rooted in its founder member's intuition, Gino Pauciullo who started his career as a Tour Leader in Italy and Europe in 1966. Gino worked together with the best and most known international tour operators gaining expertise and building networks all over the world. In 1972, together with other partners, Gino established GTA, the very first tourist guide association in Italy.

Then, in 1976, Gino, with some partners from the GTA, established ST Sorrento. Gino's key role is to provide tourist guides and tour services not only to the ST Sorrento but also to other international agencies, with whom he had established trusted relationships throughout the years. In 2006, GTA is renamed Mondo Guide.

Mondo Guide Today

Mondo Guide is today a specialised Destination Management Company, able to provide high standard services, tailored to meet different needs for all kind of clients.

The strength of Mondo Guide is in the combination of tradition and innovation. Gino's son and daughter , Vincenzo & Brunella, have built upon 40 years of experience, creating a dynamic agency while staying faithful to the tradition. From father to sons, what lasts is the passion for tourism, which is the love for our country and the desire to welcome visitors in the best way. It goes without saying that professionalism is essential in each part of our work.

By choosing Mondo Guide you can be sure to find the warmth of a family treatment together with the knowledge and professionalism of 40 years of tourist business experience.

Mondo Guide is fortunate to have a team of over 40 professional committed tourist guides who consistently deliver impeccable service to its clients.

Our staff members have been carefully selected on the basis of their communication and social skills, language skills, deep knowledge of the Italian/European territory and great enthusiasm for their job. Guided services are offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German ,Russian and Japanese.

Special interest groups may be designed to meet the needs of all, from youth groups to elderly and more sophisticated travellers. Limousine and private boat transportation is available for those wishing to travel in luxury. What ever needs may be, Mondo Guide delivers service that is carefully tailored for you.

With deep-rooted knowledge of the Italian territory, contacts throughout Europe and over four decades of experience, Mondo Guide is a well-established company that continues being a benchmark for travel consultation, not only for Italy, but greater Europe as well.

Our products

  • Accommodation:

    Carefully selected Hotels throughout Italy , Groups, Meetings, Incentives,Villas and Castles.

  • Transport:

    De Luxe vehicles for transfers and tours with professional drivers.

  • Self Drive car rentals.

  • Luxury services:

    Private Yacht and Jet rental, Helicopter transfers and tours, exclusive opening of Museums and reserved seats for special events.

  • Shore excursions:

    Official multilingual Tour Guides and De Luxe transport in all Italian Ports of Call and greater Europe as well.

  • Tours:

    Scheduled and private taylor made tours throughout Europe.

  • A range of proposals through our traditions. Licensed(Official)drivers and guides.

  • Mondo Guide Private Day Tours




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